September 5, 2021 New Generation Grace Ministry Devotional : Topic -There is a time for Everything Under the Sun. 

By | September 5, 2021

September 5, 2021 New Generation Grace Ministry Devotional : Topic -There is a time for Everything Under the Sun. 

New Generation Grace Ministry.

Daily Devotional 

Sunday September 5th, 2021

Title: There is a time for Everything Under the Sun. 

( Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) The Bible is reminding us that there is time for everything under the sun . Our time starts from the time we are born and ends when we die. God has a plan for everyone He has created, most of the time as we grow we don’t go according to His own timing, but we go at our own time and schedule, and that is when we start missing the road.

God provides for us a cycle of life, each with its work for us to do . Even though,  along the line we may face some challenges of life that may cause some roadblocks to believing in His own plan or His direction, but that should not distract us. But those challenges should help us to understand that without God no problem can be solved if we are not inviting the presence of God in our lives.

In our lives, timing is very important. Man is born after certain period of time , man dies, just vanishes. There is time to born and time to die, time to sow and time to reap, time to mourn and time to be happy. Man goes from childhood, adolescent, young adult, old adult, then one day death comes. The person is gone no where to be seen again except in the dream.

It is very very important that we find out God’s own timing for our lives so we can follow it and appreciate it. It is very dangerous to go out of God’s timing for our lives. The moment one miss’s  God’s timing, it can lead to despair, rebellion, that is moving ahead without His guidance, and that will end the person to everlasting doom, hell fire. God has time clock for everything and everyone born on earth. The moment you pass any particular time you are not going back to it again. Death is the final circle of all the time in this life.

No matter what cycle or stage we are in life , it is only for a short time, and it will be replaced with something else sooner or later.

The question is, How are you spending your time?Do you remember that it goes very fast? (2  Peter 3:8). But do not forget this one thing, dear friends, With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. Allow  God to direct your path. Let Him control your life, allow Him to have the driver’s seat, He has the perfect GPS to know where the road has a dead end and where it is straight. He knows the past, present and future. He can do a better job when we give our time in His hand.

He will give us peace here on earth  and to eternity. He has great plans for us, so He is the one who can manage our time perfectly.

No matter what cycle you are right now, it is not late to hand your time to Him now. Even if you are on the very last time of your life, it is still not late. He can still help you to fix it. He can still help you to meet up with the time you have lost. We cannot fulfill His purpose for our lives if we manage our time without allowing Him into it.

Prayers: Father my times are in your hand. Please direct my ways, direct my path, so I will be useful for you in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Further Reading. Psalm 31.

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