New Generation Grace Ministry Daily Devotional For October 16, 2021 : Topic – Do not be Afraid

By | October 16, 2021

New Generation Grace Ministry Daily Devotional For October 16, 2021 : Topic – Do not be Afraid

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New Generation Grace Ministry 

Daily Devotional 

Saturday October 16th, 2021

Topic: Do not be Afraid

(John 14:1-3. ) Here Jesus is telling us not to be afraid, if we believe in Him we should not entertain any fear. He is coming back again in Glory. He came the first time as a savior but He is soon coming back to get all of us whom He has saved Hallelujah! He said he has gone to prepare us a place. He is preparing us mansions , after He prepares He is coming to get us. It will be a glorious thing to take part in that flight when He comes back to collect His saved children. Are you save? Have you given your life to Christ? Or you are yet undecided? Brothers and sisters , are we ready.?? Matthew 25:1-46.

We can see what is going on in the world today, how people are dying like chicken, the pandemic that is eating the earth like the cankerworm, it looks like human life has no value, but God has so much value for our souls, He died to redeem us from everlasting destruction, He does not want us to die. He went back to prepare our mansions and coming back again. Are we ready? Let us not get too busy with things of this world that we are going to leave behind and forget the things of heaven where we are going to spend eternity. Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? The soul of man is very important to God and we should also be cautious of where our souls will spend eternity when Jesus comes or when death comes. The Bible says it is appointed unto man once to die after that the judgement.

Let us start getting ready because we don’t know when the flight will take place. If not rapture it might be death. Jesus is coming soon. We should not get too busy with things of this life and forget to give God our time. We should start getting ready on a daily bases. If the owner of our souls should demand any of our souls  any time any day in what condition will He find us? Ready or not ready? Remember His coming is not going to be announced in any other special time than now. The announcements of His coming is going on  at this particular time, if we are not listening and doing something to prepare for His coming, if He comes and we are not ready ,   there will be no acceptable excuse. Brethren,  let us watch and pray for we don’t know the time when Christ shall arrive, rapture or death which ever one that comes first , Jesus shall find us ready in Mighty name ofJesus.

Prayer: My Heavenly Father please help me to get ready for your second coming in Jesus name. Help me Lord to appreciate your work on the cross of Calvary for my life, give me the grace to continue to serve  you and put you first in my life in Jesus Mighty name . Let your Holy Spirit illuminate my life , and please continue to guide me always in Jesus name. Cover me and family with the blood of Jesus. Have a blessed day and remain rapture ready in Jesus Holy name. Amen.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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